Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Insecure Writers, the Original Waffle Cone Wonders...

Howdy, Insecure Writers! Thanks for showing me the way, Candi!  And thanks to the amazing Alex J. Cavanaugh for hosting this awesome group. Go check out the other participants too. Thanks to the moderators too:  M. Pax, Karen Walker, and Melissa Maygrove

Several of you
cheered me toward
self-publishing last month.
I mean, really cheered,
I am scared about
self publishing!
I haven't tried it.
It feels like it undercuts my one true strength.
I am the original team player,
but a team of one --
and I'm the one -- yikes!
The fact is me and alone
don't really mix.
I need people! 
I work well with groups. 
I'm flexible. I listen.
We get stuff done...
All alone, I tend to read books,
not write them.

Problem two, what about money?
I'm searching in the couch
cushions for
electricity bill
I'm not the heir of some modest fortune,
hence no cash to burn
on book covers, fomatting,
copy editing, line editing,
proof reading, blog tours.
All this necessary stuff
freaks out the dyslexic in me.
I don't know how
to finance a self-publsihed book.
No clue.

Another problem,
I wish I were a
nice a tidy writer,
paddling around in one genre
with singleness of purpose,
this would be a no-brainer,
I write in multiple genres,
for multiple age groups.
I write middle grade fiction.
Do young kids read ebooks?
I write YA fiction.
I write non-fiction and history picture books
about, you know, what ever floats my boat.
(I know, who does that?)
I write science fiction, gothic,
heartwarming fiction, fantasy and comedy.
Does anyone do this? 
How do you self-publish
a galaxy of stories like mine...

So insecure writers,
the original waffle cone
wants to know what you think:
should I try to self-publish,
given all these barriers:
organization-love, money, and
What are your thoughts,
oh, gurus of the insecure?

Finally, I do all my upbeat
positive blogging
over at Seize the day.
This is my backyard,
you know, you can't see it
from the street,
and in keeping with
the spirit of the Yellow Submarine,
I write everything here in broken prose,
because, yes, that's how I feel
about the writing
much of the time.

Enough of my drama,
in the words of the great poet,
Sir Paul McCartney,
"We all live in a yellow submarine."


  1. I love the way you wrote this post :) I can't give you any advice as I haven't thought about it yet, but good luck if you forge ahead!
    Suzanne @ Suzannes-Tribe

  2. Love. This. Post. With will, there's a way. I just believe it. I'm all for self-pubbing. I don't even know if I'd call it self-publishing anymore. I like the term Indie publishing. Reach out to those who do it well. You'll probably have a few visit you today. Btw, put all your couch change into a jar. A Coinstar is just around the corner. :)

  3. I found 27 cents... I like the term indie publishing too!

  4. Thanks for dropping by, Suzanne. I appreciate the luck and hope it comes to you too!

  5. Thanks for stopping by.

    Best of luck, whatever you decide. I've thought about the self/indie publishing route too, but haven't yet decided whether to test the waters.

    1. You too, Bob. Thinking about the waters.

  6. An author encouraged me to go indie about two years ago, and I don't regret the decision. My writing is now supporting itself. I love managing my career myself. I have a team - a cover artist and an editor. I formed a pack of other writers to help each other out and talk to. Just because you're indie, doesn't mean you're alone. No way. I depend on all my connections to help me out. It's been a very rewarding experience. I have no interest in traditional publishing... not right now.

    1. Wow, I love your story! Awesome! Thanks for dropping by M Pax.

  7. I'm going to do some freelance editing this fall and put the profits toward my publishing costs. Maybe there's something writing-related (or not!) that you're good at. Use it to earn the cash you need. ;)

    August co-host and IWSG #110

    1. Thanks for dropping by, Melissa! I do have my eyes open for jobs at all times. I'm a freelance writer but that income is mostly encumbered already. I am keeping my eyes open.

  8. I don't have any words of wisdom on if you should or shouldn't self publish. I'm with a small publisher and I do love having a team of people helping me get my book ready for publication. But I also know several self published authors who are doing great. Good luck with whatever you choose!

    1. Hi Cherie, I am also looking at small publishers too. I like the team model too.

  9. Hmmm... I'm used to be in the exact same boat as you. It's scary and difficult to choose. But I ended up going for a small publisher and will be publishing under a pseudonym.

    1. This is interesting, Mischa. Why did you chose to publish under pseudonym?

  10. There are many happy self-published authors out there, and at the same time, there is no harm in waiting for a traditional publisher either. Do what feels right for you. Good luck!

  11. My feelings seem fickle. The only thing I'm sure of is I like to work in teams and not alone. That makes me wary of self-publishing, but it does seem like many self-publisihed folk are able to build teams. Still thinking.

  12. I know many self-published authors who've been successful in several genres - why not you?
    Need any names to ask for advice, let me know.
    Thanks for being part of the IWSG!

    1. Yes, Alex, if you know of any middle grade authors, I would appreciate their names. Thanks.

  13. You have definitely chosen the right forum to voice your concerns. I have also heard positive things about self-publishing, but you have to do what works best for you. Good luck with your decision.