Friday, June 6, 2014

Psst...PLUMB CRAZY is available.

Sorry, Submariners!
I have been neglecting this corner.
I have been busy...
PLUMB CRAZY's official launch date
is June 10, 2014,
but, happy news, my ebook has found its way
onto the virtual shelves of booksellers
I hope you consider giving it a look.
Try here for a copy from Amazon US.
Here is Amazon UK. 
Here is Amazon Australia 
Try here for a copy for you B&N Nook .
Want to do more to support PLUMB CRAZY?
Join my upcoming social blitz
You can sign up for a "Release Day Book Blitz" for PLUMB CRAZY here!
Another thing?
Like my Facebook page. 
I'm dancing.
Hugs to all.
This is a happy day. 

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